Wiring Harnesses

We undertake the manufacture of wiring harnesses for classic vehicles, either from braided cotton cable or PVC cable and finished in either a cotton braided outer or PVC tape. This information is held as part of our library of patterns and drawings, and would be to the original specification for your vehicle.

Our harnesses are manufactured entiely in-house and are produced to drawings and patterns that we retain. Whilst our library is extensive, we are always happy to manufacture a harness to a physical pattern supplied by a customer (should we not have any information for that vehicle) and will retain a drawing so as to extend our product range.

We are able to manufacture parts of a wiring harness if required, for example, a tail section, which would usually connect the main harness to the rear of the vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us for more information – email is usually best!


We offer a service whereby we can outer braid your existing wiring harness.

Whether you have made your own specific harness, or merely wish to refurbish the appearance of your existing harness, we are happy to re-cover the outer with the correct black cotton.

We ask that you tape the harness together at strategic points, paying attention to junctions and branches, and indicate where you wish the braid to commence and to finish. Please use suitable electrical tape and NOT cable ties, as we will only have to cut them all off and re-tape it all.

Ideally, we prefer new harnesses without the terminals attached, as these tend to snag the cotton during the braiding process. We expect existing harnesses will have terminals on them, so please do not feel you have to remove thing unnecesssrily.

We will happily replace certain wires, or make additions to a harness should this be required, and will advise the cost of this before undertaking any work.

The cost of re-braiding or covering your existing harness is £2.75 per foot plus the return carriage.